Chinese schoolchildren will be taught the basics of communism through the app

An online platform has been created for primary and secondary school students in China to learn new

socialist thought.

What is it for

Ministry of Education and National WorkerA committee of young pioneers in China created the app and website to allow students to better understand communism. This should strengthen their faith in the party and inspire them to become reliable followers.

The platform shows illustrations and explains"Chinese dream" in articles, talk about ethnic groups in China and the Silk Road. Teachers and educational bureaus can enter the site or the application to track students' reading activity.

Mu Sicking, a student at the University High SchoolTsinghua in Beijing said that “the articles are short and easy to understand.” She also noted that she is most interested in classics like texts about ancient virtues, because "they are informative and instructive."

Testing services will last a year, during which time the creators will try to maximize their popularity among children and adolescents in China.