Chinese smartphone for 10-15 thousand rubles: Realme C35 or 9i?

The host of the DimaViper Live channel on YouTube tested two inexpensive Realme models: 9i and C35. Discuss


YouTube channel DimaViper Live compared two budget devices from Realme in terms of performance and in real work. These are Realme 9i (4/128 GB) and C35 (4/64 GB). Both devices came out this year.

In terms of packaging, the 9i wins, as it comes with a case and a more powerful 33 W charger (the C35 has 18 W).

Runs out of these models faster than C35. Although it is lower in status and cheaper than the 9i.

The screen is slightly better on the 9i: 90 Hz versus 60 Hz on the Realme C35. And this is the only way smartphones differ from each other in terms of display.

In terms of memory speed, the devices are very similar. However, the 9i turns out to be slightly better again with a read speed of 669 Mb / s (for the C35 - 530 Mb / s) and a write speed of 288 Mb / s (for a competitor - 104 Mb / s).

The Realme 9i also has a more powerful processor. This is the Snapdragon 680, while the C35 has the Unisoc Tiger T616. You can see the test results in benchmarks below.


In terms of cameras, it looks much more interesting too9i. This is despite the fact that smartphone lenses are almost equal in terms of the number of megapixels. The main module in both cases has a resolution of 50 MP, macromodule - 2 MP, telephoto - 0.3 MP (C35) and 2 MP (9i), front camera - 8 MP (C35) and 16 MP (9i). At the same time, photo processing on the 9i is better, but not by much. Sample pictures are below.


The battery capacity of smartphones is 5000mAh At the same time, the charge lasts a long time, that is, C35 or 9i will definitely be enough for you for two days. The fingerprint scanner is slightly faster on the 9i. Also, this smartphone surpasses the Realme C35 in sound, as it is equipped with two stereo speakers and plays music generally louder.


Realme 9i looks more interesting compared to C35. It has a more reliable processor, a slightly better camera, it also comes with a case, and by itself it feels more comfortable in the hand.