Chinese station was able to extract oxygen from the soil right on the moon

According to representatives of the Chinese space industry, they conducted an experiment in a small reactor, where

the temperature rose to 2,500 ° C.

The lunar soil contains titanium-iron oxides andiron: they can give off oxygen when heated, as well as accompanying metals. As a result, a doubly profitable process is obtained, it is possible to extract not only air for the breathing of astronauts, but also raw materials suitable for further use.

From 100 kg of lunar soil, about 30 kg of oxygen is obtained. If you succeed in mastering this method, then it will become the basis for the future lunar program of China and Russia.

The two countries agreed to jointly create a lunar scientific base, which will be provided with oxygen, by 2035.

According to the project of the Chinese mining station,it will receive energy using solar panels: it should be sufficient both for the operation of mechanisms for loading and unloading the reactor, and for technological processes for extracting oxygen from the soil.

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