Chinese strategic bombers compared to Russian counterparts

The Hong Kong edition of the South China Morning Post has compared Chinese Xian H-6 strategic bombers with Russian and

American counterparts. Recently, Russian and Chinese planes patrolled together in the Asia-Pacific region.

These were two Tu-95MS and four Xian H-6s.The Chinese military experts considered that their joint patrol showed the shortcomings of the Chinese bombers. In particular, they have a shorter range and can carry less payload. In this they are inferior to the American B-1 Lancer.

The bad news is that only the latest version of the Xian H-6can be refueled in the air. According to the military expert, the Chinese bombers cannot fly as far without refueling as the Russian and American ones.

It should be noted that this aircraft was created on the basis of the Soviet Tu-16 Barsuk bomber. Now in China they are talking about the development of the next generation Xian H-6.