Chinese workers will lower the social rating for too frequent job changes

Since the beginning of 2018, the social rating system has undergone limited testing in several regions.

Of china. In its toughest form, it works in Xinjiang, a region with a predominantly Muslim population on the border with Kyrgyzstan. The system affects all human capabilities - from the right to use public services to the opportunity to start a business or get a job.

For violations of the law, followed by the systemface recognition, citizens are awarded points. The more of them, the lower the person’s rating. Points are awarded for crossing the road in the wrong place, smoking in airplanes and high-speed trains, and other offenses.

According to the representative of the administration of Zhejiang GePingan, points will be reduced from the Chinese, who suspiciously change jobs. According to him, officials will not pay attention to ordinary dismissals. At the same time, Pinggan did not specify how many times during his career a person can quit so that his social rating is not affected.

In 2018, the Chinese government banned 23 million people from buying air and railway tickets. The reason was that their "social ratings were too low."