Chip Kirin 985 and flagship Huawei Mate 30 to be: TSMC does not refuse to work with Huawei

After the US imposed sanctions against Huawei, ARM, which owns the rights to processor architectures for

smartphones and other mobile devices, refused to cooperate with the Chinese manufacturer. But it turned out that not everyone supported her position.

Huawei Supporters

Taiwanese company TSMC, engaged inproduction of chipsets for Huawei, Apple, etc., stated that it is not going to stop cooperation and will continue to work with its Chinese partner. It turns out that its technologies cannot be classified as goods in which there is some kind of American component, which means that US sanctions do not apply to them.

True, the problem is with ARM, whose computing coresand video accelerators are used in Kirin platforms still remains. But Huawei will have time to complete the Kirin 985, so the flagships Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro will be released on schedule - this fall. And with or without Android is another question.

By the way, today it also became known that Huaweiexpelled from the Wi-Fi Alliance, which includes the largest manufacturers participating in the joint development of the wireless data transfer standard. But this only means that the company will not be able to participate in the development of this technology—Wi-Fi on smartphones will not disappear.