Choosing a game console: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

From the very beginning of humanity, society, civilization, the debate about what is better has been going on in almost every

In our time, the age of electronics and digitalization, one of the holy wars is the war of consoles, which began many years agoOf course, not todayamong the leaders of the diversity that existed fifteen or twenty years ago, but there is someone to compete with - on the one hand, the Japanese PlayStation 4 device, on the other, the American Xbox One.It's 2019, which set-top box to choose this year, who has what advantages and prospects?

Generational change

Analysts predict that after two yearsthe next generation of consoles will come next year (ninth generation), that is, in the near future, gamers will get gaming consoles in performance that are not inferior to mid-level gaming desktop computers, which means that console games will have improved graphics and a larger scale. In the meantime, this has not happened, it is necessary to choose from the actual game consoles, that is, “Ploika” and “Juan”. So let's start with the price tag.


Those gamers who choose consoles for games (andthey do not know which platform to choose), most likely have a limited budget (otherwise it would be a powerful gaming computer), so the price tag when choosing will be one of the main factors. And the cost is not only the purchase, but also the possession, the cost of supporting libraries. And then it turns out that after the purchase, the console will simply gather dust, because there is no opportunity to acquire games.

Microsoft recently dropped price tags becausedemand began to sink, today Juan can be bought for 15 thousand rubles, as for Ployka, it can also be purchased not much more expensive - for 16-17 thousand rubles. Total, Xbox One will be a little cheaper in terms of purchase, and even bundled with the game it will be cheaper than the Japanese counterpart, which the buyer will get completely naked. For a beginner, this option will be optimal, he will begin to get acquainted with the game console world quickly and inexpensively. The Japanese console, however, has better support services.


As for the available games, then the fansSony immediately give the argument in the form of exclusive projects. Last year, several cool games came out on PS4, and one of them grabbed the title of Game of the Year, but Microsoft didn’t get anything from its own exclusives. And the current year began with a failed Crackdown 3. The Japanese are preparing a whole clip of new exclusives for spring, four powerful projects are already ready, and on the Xbox One only two are being prepared. Nevertheless, the impression that the Americans surrendered is deceptive, they still have some trump card

In due time from melkosoft went on saleconsole One X, the most powerful of the consoles. The Xbox One was designed to respond to the PS4 Pro, and even though the release was delayed, it was a performance gain. In general, Sony won in time, but lost in the power race. Microsoft realized that Japanese exclusives would not be able to keep up, so a bet on more productive hardware was made. And now Juan launches 4K-games, while the smoothness of the picture at the American console is clearly superior to PS4. And if the last Assassin launches on the settings of 1800p, then Juan pulls this game easily to 2160r, while giving the same 30 FPS.


Each console has its own subscriptions formultiplayer, companies give monthly free games, there are bonuses and promotions. The American console has a 10-dollar subscription to access to a variety of games, the library consists of thousands of projects, and they are constantly updated. This is very popular with gamers who spend the night and spend the night playing games.

So what

If we consider that the eighth era will endconsole generation, the Japanese prefix is ​​still ahead. And if right now something to take for complete immersion, then the PS4, despite the fact that you have to spend a couple thousand more. If the budget is limited, then the question disappears by itself - Xbox One