Chrome OS receives major update

Google has released a new version of Chrome OS 76. The update adds many useful features, some of

which will be very familiar to Linux and Mac OS users.

What's new

Chrome OS now supports virtual desktopstables (Virtual Desks). Thanks to this feature, the user will be able to switch between four desktops with various open windows. A similar feature has long been in Linux, Mac OS and Windows 10. In Chrome OS, you can activate it using the “New Desk” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

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Also, developers have added to the voice systemGoogle Assistant As usual, you can refer to it with the phrase "Hey Google" or simply by clicking on the appropriate label. The work with multimedia has been greatly simplified. And in case the user does not have the ability to press keys, an automatic pressing function is provided. Finally, Google has improved account management and added notes about the version of Chrome OS in use. The latter will help users to understand all the innovations more clearly, without delving into the change log for developers.