Climate change may affect the number of aircraft in the UK

One senior civil servant anonymously told the BBC that ministers

aviation may have to be reconsideredstrategy. Authorities say the climate challenge is so great that a decision to expand Heathrow airport must be submitted to parliament.

Ministry of Transport defendedHeathrow’s expansion, stating that it “will provide a massive economic boost to business and communities” across the UK, and “free of charge for taxpayers and as part of our commitment to environmental protection.”

When did the UK government firstput forward a proposal to increase aviation, it set a common goal to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, the publication reminds. But recently they wanted to reach zero emissions.

Hungry reindeer in Svalbard began to eat seaweed due to climate change

In 2016 at the International OrganizationCivil Aviation (ICAO) called on the aviation industry to take measures to adapt to the effects of climate change, as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are leading to global warming on the planet.

"In recent years, greenhouse gas emissions inAviation is growing rapidly. In the coming decades, the number of aviation flights will grow by five percent annually. This requires innovative solutions aimed at reducing the negative impact of air transport on the environment, ”they noted.