Climate change will lead to increased weather chaos in Russia

Two Russian climate experts - Konstantin Gribanov and Ekaterina Pestryakova - warned

Russians about the intensification of weather chaos in the future. This is due to global climate change.

According to Gribanov, the reason for the increase"Extreme weather anomalies" are caused by the accumulation of the greenhouse effect. As URA.RU writes, it was this process that led to climate warming, and this, in turn, influenced the future change in Russian weather.

Temperature shifts, experts say, will manifest themselves in an increase in their maximum values. Of course, this process will proceed slowly but steadily.

Recall that earlier Russian scientist AndreiKiselev described global warming as the main climate threat for our country. On the territory of Russia, according to the specialist, it passes 2.5 times faster than the world average.