Clinical trials of a new vaccine "Betuvax-CoV-2" started in Russia

In Russia, the I / II phase of clinical trials of the subunit vaccine against coronavirus "Betuvax-CoV-2" has begun. V

During the study, the drug will be administered to 170 people twice, with an interval of a month.

"Betuvax-CoV-2" - vaccine against new coronavirustype, developed by the company of the same name "Betuvax" and the Institute of Human Stem Cells. This is the first subunit recombinant vaccine in Russia. It contains an artificially synthesized surface protein SARS-CoV-2. Typically, these vaccines have the fewest side effects. In addition, they are much easier to adapt to new strains of the virus.

Preclinical studies have already been carried out in Russiavaccine "Betuvax-CoV-2". It turned out to be safe for animals. Also, after the administration of the drug, the subjects showed an active production of high titers of neutralizing antibodies against the new type of coronavirus.

Human stem cell institute - Russianbiotechnology holding, founded in 2003. Leads the development and provides services related to cellular, gene and post-genomic technologies.

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