Cloud saving has been added to the Epic Games Store, but only for select games

Epic Games Store received another update, which brought the store closer to the “killer Steam” title.

What is known

Gamers since the launch of the store asked for "epic"add cloud saving and finally got what you want, but partially. Moonlighter players noticed that a switch appeared in the game settings to save progress in the cloud. Users immediately ran on Twitter to ask Tim Sweeney, Epic Games boss, about the innovation and got an answer.

The head of the company wrote that cloud savingare in beta testing and are available for "several new" games - Moonlighter and This War of Mine. According to Sweeney, the global launch will take place gradually, and developers will add cloud storage for more games.

"This process is performed manually by the store team for each game, but usually it does not require developers to update projects," Sweeney wrote.

Recall that cloud saving is one of the innovations that Epic Games Store will receive. Developers plan to add user reviews, wish lists and mod support.