Cloudflare launched the Entropy League - a public source of random numbers

Random numbers underlie modern cryptography, and access to these services is crucial

for the safety of all our applications.

The predictable source of random numbers cancompromise the application that encrypts all transmitted traffic. Such a source can crack artificial intelligence and mathematically determine the cryptographic keys and passwords that were generated for users or at a certain time.

The Entropy League will operate on five differentand independent servers. The statement says that even if part of them are compromised, the rest will be able to provide numbers in a random order, and it will be impossible to predict them.

Among the project developers is a researcher.Protocol Labs Nicholas Galey, University of Chile, Lausanne State Polytechnic School (EPFL) and Kudelski Security. All participants will manage one server at a time with different entropy sources - from lava lamps to seismic data.