Code Now: We have selected 5 courses for you to enter IT and corporate training

We have collected five courses in relevant areas for corporate training in various fields,

duration and degree of difficulty, so that everyone can find something to their liking.

1. "IT-management" from the Russian School of Management

During the course, participants will learn leadership competenciesin IT, project success criteria, the basics of key performance indicators (KPI / KPI) Service Desk, learn how to create a project charter, develop a hierarchical work structure and schedule, master approaches to organizing work, personnel management and communications methodology.

The course contains 70% practice and 30% theory, consistsfrom live broadcasts with live communication with experts. Educational materials in electronic format are provided for 30 days. At the end of the training, each participant receives a document of the form established by the state.

Teachers:Konstantin Tyutyunov, Head of the Department for the Development of Management Programs at the Russian School of Management; Oleg Gamazin, business coach for executives and owners of companies, Dmitry Inshakov, IT director of an international company; Igor Myalkovsky, IT expert, member of the board of the CIO Club of St. Petersburg IT directors.

Cost: 42,630 rubles with the possibility of installments for 12 months at 3,553 rubles.

2. Business Intelligence Fundamentals by IT Expert

A two-day face-to-face or part-time course will giveparticipants with basic knowledge of business analysis. These skills will help you better understand customer needs and business processes. Business analysis helps to identify expectations and needs, collect and formalize requirements, consider alternative options for solving business problems, and develop business process models. The knowledge gained in the course will become the basis for applying business analysis approaches in an organization.

The course combines and systematizes knowledge fromvarious sources: BABOK v3, PMI materials, requirements of the state professional standards of the Russian Federation, international standard ISO/IEC 19510:2013 Information technology-Object Management Group Business Process Model and Notation. This forms a comprehensive picture and lays the foundation for development in the field of business analysis.

At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of professional development.

Cost: from 19,500 rubles.

3. Spark Developer by OTUS

An in-depth course on the most powerful toolsbig data processing supported by Yandex.Cloud. Here they teach how to process data, write and optimize applications on Spark, and work with CI monitoring. The course is designed for four months, classes are held twice a week. The course deepens knowledge of Spark, as well as Hadoop and Hive.

The main topics of the classes:Hadoop (core components, vendor distributions), HDFS and YARN architectures, data formats, Spark (Streaming and Flink), Hive, orchestration, monitoring, and CI/CD. They consolidate their knowledge with interesting and challenging homework assignments and a final project — building an ETL system based on Hadoop, including loading data from sources, a simple Data Lake using Hive, and a lambda architecture for real-time analytics based on Spark.

The course is taught by Vadim Opolsky, who works at LuxoftDXC Technology on the Big Data project of the largest logistics company. The total stream of data coming in real time is more than 400 million events per day. To begin with, you need to pass a 30-minute introductory test of 24 questions.

Upon completion of the training, participants receive a certificate, and the best private students can receive offers from partner companies.

Cost: 65,000 rubles for individuals and negotiable for corporate orders.

4. English for IT by start2talk

Corporate English course in ITincludes studying professional terminology, improving communication skills with foreign colleagues, writing letters and reading specialized literature.

For corporate clients, training takes place ingroups of company employees or individually according to an adapted program. Classes are held at one of the five training centers in Moscow, at the customer's office or online.

The course program also includes the study of vocabulary, speaking, reading, listening to information, building project tasks in English.

Cost for corporate clients: from 340 rubles per academic hour in a mini-group per employee. Individually - from 2,900 rubles per lesson.

5. Software tester from Brunoyam

Profession-entrance to IT, suitable even for beginnersabsolutely no experience. A practical course on software testing will provide basic knowledge - from the basics to SQL and automated tests. In classes with a personal mentor, a student from scratch receives all the necessary skills and knowledge to start working in software testing as a Junior Test Engineer.

Training comes with a personal mentor, and consolidationand testing knowledge - on the implementation of projects, which brings the student closer to the conditions of real work. The course is divided into modules, modules - into lessons. Each lesson is a theory combined with the personal experience of the teacher.

Cost: from 49,900 rubles if paid before September 10 or from 4,158 rubles per month if paid in installments.

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