Color the 3D Touch menu in different colors with the ColorShortcuts tweak

The 3D Touch menu on the home screen is very convenient for getting quick access to the functions of your favorite applications.

However, these menus look pretty boring.

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Fortunately, the new jailbreak tweak ColorShortcuts can fix this. Tweak allows you to color the 3D Touch menu in any color.

By default, the ColorShurtcuts tweak paints the 3D Touch menu in the main color of the application icon, however you can choose any colors yourself:

To make the changes take effect, respring donot boring, so you can quickly choose the color you like and test it in action. It should be noted that the tweak acts only on the 3D Touch menu on the home screen, and not throughout the system. However, it is better than nothing.

If you want to install Tweak ColorShortcuts, then you can download it from the Packix repository. It also works with 3D Touch tweaks simulators on devices that do not support the technology.