Comfee Microwave with Grill - Discount Coupon!

The microwave oven has already become a standard item in the home collection of household appliances in the kitchen. Without her

In general, not a single family can survive anymore.It saves a lot of time, quickly heats up food and even cooks for you. We don’t argue, there are a huge number of offers on the market, the choice can be difficult. Therefore, we decided to help you a little with your choice, plus also give you a discount coupon.

Microwave oven Comfee CMG207E03S —Perhaps this is exactly the kind of stove you were looking for for your kitchen. It is quite functional, but at the same time very easy to use. Ideal for a family of 2 to 5 people.

I'll tell you a little about the characteristics… Volumemicrowave oven 20 liters — This will definitely be more than enough for you. A pleasant and very useful bonus from the manufacturer — presence of Grill mode. Therefore, at any time you can pamper yourself and your loved ones or guests with delicious grilled meat covered with a crispy golden crust.

As for the programs, there are 7built-in modes for cooking and heating it: meat, drinks, frozen vegetables, popcorn, potatoes, pizza, heating. Management is quite simple, intuitive. Such a number of modes is more than enough, because practice has shown that the more options, the less often you use them in everyday life.

Interestingly, food in this oven can be several stages. At each stage, the microwave will signal you with a sound notification and display it on the display. You will also like the defrost function of products. This is very convenient, you do not have to wait several hours for the minced meat or a piece of minced meat to unfreeze. The oven will do this in a few minutes, and the defrosting will be uniform, and the beneficial properties of the products will be preserved. For uniform heating, rotation of the plate with the product in a circle of 360 degrees is provided here.

What more can be said about this microwaveovens… Like most alternative options, there are special anti-slip feet. You will also not have any difficulties in washing it — everything is pretty easy.


  • Dimensions: 259 mm x 335 mm x 440 mm
  • Weight 11.6 kg
  • Power 700 W
  • Microwave Power 1270 W
  • Grill Power 1000 W
  • Timer 99 minutes 99 seconds
  • 1 year warranty

Right now you can use the coupon3E03S300NEWto buy it on Aliexpress at a price of only 4,590 rubles.