Compact hacker VoIP phone WiPhone

Today there are so many mobile communication devices on the market that a potential buyer will not have enough

life to view each model, evaluate andchoose the right one for yourself. Nowadays (however, in some countries there has been an abundance for almost a century), mobile phones are chosen purely on the basis of recommendations (from friends, commercials, etc.). Yes, the range has expanded greatly, but has security improved? Most likely not, in any case, this is evidenced by constant scandals with leaks of personal data, interception of conversations, and so on. But it is not all that bad.

Secure WiPhone

On Kickstarter started the company to collectfunds for the production of a very unusual and secure VoIP-mobile phone WiPhone. The phone supports communication via IP, the device has been in development for almost a year. At present, all the improvements have been completed, the phone is ready for mass production, therefore funds are raised. By the way, for the first day half of all necessary sum has been collected. The team is positioning the device as a budget hacker phone in a modular design.

The device weighs 80 grams with a thickness of 12millimeters and dimensions of 12 by 5 centimeters. The phone will be offered in two versions: in the base, the WiPhone frame is made of polycarbonate, in the advanced version it is anodized aluminum. Both versions will receive a transparent modification. Autonomy provides a battery capacity of 700 mAh, which is enough to talk for 8 hours, and the standby mode will last a week. The keyboard is made of silicone, it has 24 buttons, and the user can program each button himself, they are not tied to any symbols or commands.

Technical stuffing

The phone works on the Espressif ESP32 chipset,there is support for basic wireless interfaces, there are as many as 4 gigabytes of RAM onboard, which even on modern smartphones you will not always see, a 16 gigabyte drive. To listen to music there is an analog mini-jack connector, Micro SD receiver. The screen here is normal, the diagonal is two and a half inches, the resolution of the matrix is ​​320x240. The phone is charged via Micro USB, data is transmitted through it and the phone is programmed.

Since the phone is modular, it meanshave some extensions, and they are provided. The back is generally all removable, there is a printed circuit board designed for cards and expansion modules. As long as additional modules are equipped with a super battery, the LoR system, capable of transmitting data directly up to 15 kilometers, the RGB module, as well as a crazy spy module that makes a miniature sports radio-controlled car out of the phone. The development environment for programming the basic functions of the Arduino, applications are created on MicroPython.

Basic software works with contacts, textmessaging, VoIP calls. And yes, you do not have a SIM card, you cannot be traced, but you can always get a PSTN, that is, a normal phone number, and communicate with other people to direct numbers. But you will also communicate via the Internet. The cost of the WiPhone starts from $ 89, if you want to get anodized aluminum, you will have to pay 50 dollars.

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