Compare iPhone XS Max and OnePlus 7 Pro Side-by-Side

Comparison of the new OnePlus 7 Pro with other top phones is now simply inevitable, because the novelty turned out

quite competitive with many attractive and unique features and at an affordable price. Today, we offer you a look at the OnePlus 7 Pro side-by-side with the iPhone XS Max.


Although the OnePlus 7 Pro is significantlycheaper than the Apple flagship ($ 669 against $ 1099, respectively), its functionality is quite rich. The Chinese has a 6.67-inch OLED display, which has an edge-to-edge design without frames, with the exception of a small chin at the bottom. Unlike the iPhone, there is no special cutout for the front camera, since OnePlus has developed its own sliding front camera mechanism that works automatically when you need to take a selfie.

Many users have a question in their head,and how durable is this pop-up camera. Well, at first glance, it has a rather thoughtful and solid construction, but it takes time to evaluate its durability.

Both smartphones have face recognition. The company OnePlus offers technology that is used on most Android devices. According to its security features, it does not match the iPhone's face ID. This is a 2D image recognition, so it cannot be used for secure transactions, such as payments.

Note also that with pop-up camera is easierUse the built-in fingerprint sensor. Despite the high degree of convenience, the speed of their work is not as high as that of the Face ID. And forever they are easy to use.

Of course, OnePlus 7 Pro is installedAMOLED-display of high quality, and it looks just great. It is foolish to deny that the absence of a cut on the screen is a clear superiority. Plus there is another advantage in the update rate of 90 Hz. The iPhone XS Max has a flat display, which is more practical, but at the same time as bright and clear.

If you compare performance andspeed, both smartphones are equipped with high-end components and in everyday use they are both very fast. You won't notice much difference between them. One Plus 7 Pro offers up to 12 GB of RAM, while the iPhone XS Max has 4 GB of RAM, but Apple has always done better with memory management, and thus there is no performance difference.

The OnePlus 7 Pro has a 4000 mAh battery,but the battery life is really no more than that of the Apple XS Max. But there is another advantage in the form of fast charging - for an hour the phone charges up to 100 percent.

The iPhone also has a fast charge feature. The difference is that the OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a power adapter out of the box, and you need to purchase it from the iPhone for a fee. At the same time, OnePlus 7 Pro does not support wireless charging, which may be a disadvantage for many.

OnePlus 7 Pro has no official water protection,The iPhone XS Max has an IP68 rating, which means it can withstand immersion. OnePlus claims water certification for the OnePlus 7 Pro would make each device $ 30 more expensive. Moreover, the Chinese flagship can withstand water quite well, but this is only in words - in fact, no one has yet verified.

When it comes to comparing two camerasphones, iPhone XS Max is clearly winning here. Despite the fact that the camera is an iPhone with two lenses, and not with three, as the One Plus 7 Pro, the iPhone produces better images. Note that OnePlus has never been famous for the high quality of the camera: the company acknowledged that there are some problems with the camera on the 7 Pro. A software update will be released soon. Chinese portrait mode is not so clear. But you'll love the ultra-wide-angle camera lens, which is rumored to only get a new iPhone in 2019.

The hardware may be point likeview of maximum performance between the two smartphones, but in the software there is still a significant difference. Despite the fact that both operating systems have their pros and cons, most people who are deeply familiar with the iOS ecosystem and prefer iOS devices will not want to switch to Android.

What do you think about the OnePlus 7 Pro?