Compare Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr

There are only two vertically folding phones on the market right now - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr. Despite

the fact that they have similar features, they can not be called direct competitors. However, it will be interesting to compare these two smartphones and evaluate the product of manufacturers.

According to The Verge, the new Samsung Galaxy ZFlip significantly surpasses Motorola Razr and corrects most of its main mistakes and shortcomings. Although, if you remember, the last folding Samsung phone was not the most successful and many of us disappointed (Galaxy Fold).

Samsung seems to have done a pretty good to rehabilitate in front of their clients. The screen of the new folding phone is made of glass, the workmanship looks pretty good, and the overall configuration is quite respectable. Many were very pleased that Samsung so quickly implemented its own smartphone with a vertical flip. Because if only Motorola would do this, it would not be exactly what is needed, since at the moment Motorola is not an influential person in the smartphone market. And if this technology is the future, it must evolve. In this sense, Samsung has a lot more resources.

Anyway, The Verge reporter brought onSamsung press conference Motorola Razr phone and compared it directly with the Galaxy Z Flip. If you look at two phones together, you will see that the difference in quality is very obvious. Samsung's foldable phone doesn't make a creaky sound, it has a better camera, a larger battery and a faster processor. It also comes with a glass screen and supports wireless charging.