Comparing Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 4: What is better to buy?

After the company Xiaomi released the bracelet Mi Band 4

, the choice for users has become more difficultbetween Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 4. If you compare the Mi Band 3 and Honor Band 4, here the choice definitely fell on the accessory from Honor. And now, when we have two great trackers on our hands at once, and even with a color screen, it has become a bit more difficult to choose the best one of them. But we still try to do it ...

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 or Honor Band 4

Looking ahead, I would like to note that he andanother bracelet belongs to Chinese manufacturers, who entered the market by leaps and bounds, including the Russian one. And now they are at the peak of popularity. The cost of bracelets is different. Honor Band 4 on the official website costs 4,490 rubles. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in Russia can be bought for about 3,000 rubles, give or take. Especially clever can find both accessories cheaper on the Chinese open spaces.

It is a mistake to believe that the more expensive the bracelet, thehe is cooler At least, it is well known that this rule does not always work. Is this true of Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 4, check it out right now. Comparison let's start with the design ...


The new Mi Band 4 has a design likepredecessor, the differences here are minimal. In fact, this is just an oval capsule that needs to be inserted into a silicone bracelet. As usual, users have a huge number of options for straps, of which, if desired, can always be purchased. And the straps from the third Mi Band are great for the fourth version. You do not have to buy official versions of the straps, you can also purchase on AliExpress.

In the case of Honor Band 4, you can alsoadditionally buy a strap, but the choice will be significantly narrower. Perhaps due to differences in design. Honor bracelet has a more angular design, especially fans of more stringent versions of fitness trackers. And, frankly, the design of the strap I like here is much less, both visually and from a practical point of view.

Here the manufacturer uses the classicclasp on the strap. The wrist strap looks rough, the holes are too prominent. Moreover, in the process of socks, many users have noticed that over time, the strap constantly drops out and you have to refill it every now and then.

My opinion is: On the female hand, the ideal option would be the Mi Band 4, but on the man the bracelet will look great. Honor Band 4 still more fits on a big wrist, otherwise the strap sticks out too much and sticks out the screen. If we are talking about style, the Honor bracelet looks more sporty, but the Mi Band 4 fits perfectly into any “bow”. Yes, and the fastener is much more convenient, random stitching is excluded.


Next, we will discuss the technical parameters of each bracelet and compare them in the table for convenience.

Honor Band 4
Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Size and weight
43 × 17.2 × 11.5 (body), weight 23 grams
46.9 × 17.9 × 12 mm, weight 22 grams


Display size
0.95 inches
0.95 inches

Screen resolution


Water protection
Ability to dive to a depth of 50 m
Ability to dive to a depth of 50 m

Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
Bluetooth 5.0

Battery capacity
100 mAh
135 mAh

Working hours
Up to 2 weeks of work
Up to 3 weeks of work


Analyzing the above characteristics, weWe understand that roughly bracelets have similar potential. The exception is the battery: the Xiaomi Mi Band has a slightly larger capacity, respectively, the charge lasts about a week longer. This is not critical, but still a plus. The rest of the strong differences can not see. Both the one and the other fitness tracker received a reliable screen covering from damages of a different nature and scratches. The brightness on both watches is about the same.

But what I especially liked wasThe presence of Mi Bend 4 large collection of various dials. You can not say about the modest library at the Honor Band 4. It remains to compare the functional characteristics of accessories. And based on them, find the best fitness bracelet.


Let's start with the main thing. Neither bracelet does not support the NFC format that is of interest to Russian users. That is, in Russia you will not be able to pay for purchases using your fitness tracker, although the NFC module is optional here. Therefore, in our case, we buy a similar accessory to receive notifications about messages, calls, activity analysis, sleep, etc.

Generally speaking, and Xiaomi Mi Band 4, andHonor Band 4 have approximately the same functionality. Both bracelets can recognize your physical activity, and in the fourth version of Mi Band, swimming was finally added. The options also include analysis of calories burned, counting steps, sleep analysis, heart rate measurement. The data are about the same, based on practical experience.

There are several advantages to the Xiaomi Mi Band 4: for example, it provides the ability to control music. It is very convenient, you do not have to reach for the phone to switch the track. And the second plus is that the bracelet monitors your pulse and tells you if it goes beyond. Pretty helpful improvements. Another bonus from the manufacturer Mi Band 4 is the built-in speaker for using voice assistant and smart home control. But for us this does not matter, so we’ll omit this moment, as is the case with NFC.

Which bracelet is better?

For me personally, the leader in this confrontation wasXiaomi Mi Band 4 for its more concise design, a little more battery life, richer functionality and a more pleasant price tag. But we must understand that both bracelets were not released at the same time. For the year, the Chinese company Xiaomi was able to take into account all the errors and modify its tracker. Now, in the near future, we are awaiting the launch of Honor Band 5. Let's see how he can surprise us ...