Comparison of AirPods Pro, AirPods and PowerBeats Pro: what is the difference?

With the launch of AirPods Pro, Apple has provided its customers with a choice between two models of wireless headphones. Not

you should forget about PowerBeats Pro, which are also special in their own way. All three headphones have different functions, design and goals. Let's look at their differences in more detail.




Apple's AirPods cost 13,490 rubles. They have a universal size, although in reality this is far from the case. They come with a charging case and a USB / Lightning cable. In addition, headphones can be bought in the kit and with a case for wireless charging, but it will cost 16,990 rubles already.

AirPods can work up to 5 hours in listening mode after a single charge. A charging case adds another 24 hours.

2nd Generation AirPods has an H1 chip that provides the Hi, Siri feature. The first generation of headphones does not support the function.



Management at AirPods is quite limited. You can configure double-tap actions by selecting Siri activation, start / pause, or track switching.

AirPods Pro also has an H1 chip. According to Apple, thanks to it, headphones switch between active devices two times faster, connect to phone calls one and a half times faster, and their delay is 30% less than the 1st generation AirPods.

AirPods are 40.5 mm long and 16.5 mm wide, and they weigh 4 grams.

AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro costs 20,990 rubles. Included is a case with wireless charging and many new features. The charging case is supported by all Qi standard charges. Also included is a USB-C / Lightning cable.

Unlike regular AirPods, AirPods Prohave active noise reduction. Noise reduction is continuously tuned 200 times per second using microphones inside and outside the ear that recognize extraneous noise. If you want to hear what is happening around, you can use the Transparent mode. In addition, headphones provide better sound quality.

Headphone pressure sensors support moreaction. By clamping, you can switch between modes. Normal, double and triple touch are also supported. With gestures, you can stop and start tracks, answer calls and switch tracks forward or backward. You can read more about how to configure AirPods Pro controls.

Due to noise reduction, the headphones work half an hour less than conventional AirPods. However, in talk mode, on the contrary, they are able to work longer - 3.5 hours instead of three.

AirPods Pro are protected against water and sweat so that they can be worn safely in the rain. Nevertheless, we do not recommend swimming with them.

AirPods Pro has soft silicone liners in various sizes. When you find your perfect size, you will feel the difference in sound and comfort.

AirPods Pro is shorter and wider than regular AirPods: 30.9 mm long and 21.8 mm wide. They weigh 5.4 g.



Powerbeats pro

AirPods and AirPods Pros are not the only headphones with an H1 chip. Apple also has Powerbeats Pro, which costs 18,990 rubles.

These are wireless headphones that are also protected.from water and sweat. They have the same H1 chip. Headphones work up to 9 hours after one charge. You can control the volume using the buttons on the headphones themselves. In addition, they automatically turn on the music when you start your workout. When you take off your headphones, the music stops.

The headphones have hooks and silicone earbuds, so that they sit securely and comfortably in your ear.

Moreover, Powerbeats Pro is available in different colors: black, dark blue, dark olive and ivory.