Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X

How long have consumers been waiting for the advent of the era of flexible foldable smartphones, and now the first signs have already begun?

attend relevant exhibitions and their ownpresentation events. With a difference of five days at the end of February, the Korean company Samsung presented a clamshell smartphone or foldable tablet with a flexible display, Galaxy Fold, and the Chinese company Huawei presented its version of a folding smartphone with a flexible screen, the Mate X. Is this the era? To what extent did what we were shown coincide with the expectations of users, and in general, which smartphone turned out to be better - Korean or Chinese?

Smartphones, though called the same(folding and flexible screen), yet completely different in concepts, and these are unique. However, they can be compared in some general ways, and this is what we are going to do now.

Design, ergonomics

Both smartphones are foldable, and they seem to be similar, but the similarity ends with the name of the type, the design with the design is completely different.

  • Samsung Fold got two separate screens: The compact is located on the outer panel (when folded), this is the smartphone display (which is obtained by folding the device. The tablet, that is, the larger display is inside this folding bed. Purely offhand, this smartphone resembles just a thick phone, and if you don’t know that This, then the smartphone looks like two devices that are in a stack. You can’t hide such a smartphone in your pocket, its thickness is too bulging, but in the hand of the Galaxy Fold it looks like an assembled and expensive device.
  • As for Mate X, there is only one screen.large diagonal. And when folding the device, the display envelops it outside. When the user folds the device, the entire surface of the screen, on both sides, remains at his disposal. You can continue to interact with them. Moreover, without closing the application, you can again deploy the device in tablet mode, the application instantly adapts to customize its interface to the new size. The version from the Huawei company has a more subtle and elegant appearance, respectively, the ergonomics of the Mate X will be better.


  • Compact Galaxy Fold display with a diagonal of 4.6 ”received an OLED matrix, the resolution of which is 1960x840. This is a small screen, which is more convenient to interact with one hand. A narrow and long display can be marked visually more structured information such as application lists, than low and wider. When the device is opened, a larger display appears to ours - 7.3 ”, the OLED matrix of which has a resolution of 2150x1536. It is this panel that bends, but on closer examination a bulge is visible. The screen, though flexible, is not elastic, and cannot resize or stretch. What Samsung will do with this is not yet clear. On the right side of the screen is the camera.
  • The brainchild of the Chinese company Mate X has one screen8 ”diagonal, the OLED matrix has a resolution of 2480x2200. When folding the device, the front panel (half of the screen) offers a 6.6 ”part for use, the resolution here is 2480x1148. The rear panel also turns into a separate display with a diagonal of 6.38 ", the resolution changes to 2480x892. There are no holes in the screen for cameras, but the smartphone has a main camera with three modules.

Performance, autonomy

  • Korean folding smartphone based on hardwarethe filling has the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset, created by the technological process 7nm. On board installed 12 gigabytes of RAM. It is worthy of iron, which theoretically cope with any task, and any, the hardest game.
  • The Chinese version got its signatureKirin 980 processor manufactured by Hisilicon. The same is on the flagship Mate 20Pro. Onboard installed 8 gigabytes of RAM standard LPDDR4X. Also worthy of configuration, and also there is not a single mobile game, which would not easily pulled this smartphone.

Autonomy at smartphones provide approximatelyidentical batteries: the Korean has 4380 mAh, and the Chinese - 4500 mAh, the latter wins a little. But how they show themselves in real conditions is still unknown.

What is the result

These are two unique devices, the first in theirkind of, and while the experience of interaction, sufficient for evaluation, can not be. By design, it is not yet clear who really guessed, there are questions for both designs. What will go better to the consumer, that will become more popular, time will tell. Here with the price tags turned out unexpectedly. Everyone is accustomed to the fact that Samsung is always more expensive, but this time the Chinese outdid the Korean by $ 600. Mate X 2300 UER, Galaxy Fold - $ 1980

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