Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Apple iPhone XS Max

On February 20, the new Samsung Galaxy S10 was announced, which will hit retail shelves very soon.

The smartphone has received all the latest technologies that Samsung has been developing over the past year.One foreign resource has already got its hands on a new smartphone and decided to compare it side-by-side with the Apple iPhone XS Max.

Galaxy S10 + and iPhone XS Max

The guys from the foreign site not only compared the two phones side-by-side, but also recorded a detailed video with their participation.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10+ has quite the expecteddesign that is dictated by modern IT trends. In the older version «plus» a 6.4-inch OLED display with a resolution of 3040 x 1440 pixels is used. It occupies an area from edge to edge — this is what is at the peak of popularity today. The manufacturer does not use any additional cutouts on the display, it simply places the camera in a small hole on the screen, due to which the display is called Infinity-O.

Koreans did everything they could to providedisplay of maximum size. In the S10 version, the hole for the camera is small, while the S10 + already has a little more, since the front camera is double. The Korean display itself is very bright and saturated, like the iPhone XS Max screen, but the S10 + display bends around the edges.

It is natural that to control a hand with such a colossusit will be hard. The phone was not made with this in mind; for this purpose, every manufacturer always has compact smartphone models. In the case of the iPhone XS Max, the same can be said.

Apple uses face recognition technologywhich has a high level of security. Android device manufacturers have not yet mastered the same method, so Samsung has introduced an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the display. It works quite well, but not as fast and accurate as Face ID.

Apple's iPhone XS Max is equipped with two cameras.The Galaxy S10 + has three cameras at its disposal: a telephoto lens, a wide-angle lens and an ultra wide-angle lens. Here, the Korean has a clear advantage, but we believe that Apple will soon catch up with its rival.

Samsung has implemented a unique feature “WirelessPowerShare, which allows the Galaxy S10 + to charge other Qi-based devices, such as the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, and even the iPhone. This is a rather curious feature that Apple is rumored to introduce in the new 2018 iPhone line. The new iPhone in 2019 will be able to charge the AirPods, rumored to, with a wireless charging case that is already in operation.

The Galaxy S10 + has an updated One UI shell.Android, which reminds us of Google Pixel. There is a dark mode, which is also rumored to appear on the iPhone in 2019 with the launch of iOS 13. This is the third Korean advantage at the moment.

As for the internal components, in the Galaxy S10+ Qualcomm Snapdragon chip (in the USA and China) is used, or its own Exynos processor. The tests have already said that the Galaxy S10 + is slower than the iPhone XS Max, but in practice both smartphones show high speed, so there will be no noticeable difference in performance between them.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + certainly areone of the best android devices currently available. They have innovative features and better features that are not yet integrated into current versions of the iPhone. We need to wait until September to find out what Apple is preparing for its line of devices for 2019.