Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS cameras

Recently, the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 went on sale worldwide. For it, Samsung used three main

cameras by adding a wide-angle lens toregular and telephoto lenses. Cameras are now one of the most important components of every smartphone. I wonder which smartphone takes better photos: Galaxy S10 or iPhone XS? Let's find out!

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The Galaxy S10 has the same main lens as thelast year's Galaxy Note and S9. This is a 12 megapixel f / 1.5-f / 2.4 lens with optical image stabilization. The photo processing algorithm has been improved. The Galaxy S10 Star is a wide-angle lens that makes the frame much larger and captures additional details.

Apple used a lens for iPhone XSlarger with deeper pixels. Thanks to the Smart HDR feature, the iPhone XS has better dynamic range and captures more detail than previous iPhones.

Find out which of the smartphones makes photos better.

Frame 1

iPhone XS MaxGalaxy S10 +

The colors in the iPhone XS Max image are more faded, and on the Galaxy S10 they are brighter and more aggressive. In addition, the photo S10 best bokeh effect.

Frame 2

iPhone XS MaxGalaxy S10 +

Due to the fact that the Galaxy S10 makes colors moresaturated, the photo looks prettier. In its background, the picture on the iPhone XS Max is lost. Moreover, thanks to the wide-angle lens, the Galaxy S10 can capture much more space.

Galaxy S10 +

The edges of the fish-eye effect are noticeable, but even with it, the utility of a wide-angle lens cannot be denied.

Frame 3

iPhone XS MaxGalaxy S10 +

The colors on the Galaxy S10 photo are better, although the balancewhite is not perfect. The iPhone XS Max did a great job with adjusting white balance, but the colors again look dull. Well, or the colors look the same as in reality.

Frame 4

iPhone XS MaxGalaxy S10 +

Here, both smartphones coped perfectly. However, the Galaxy S10 captures more detail in the shadows.

Frame 5

iPhone XS MaxGalaxy S10 +

The color temperature in the iPhone XS Max image is absolutely wrong. But the Galaxy S10 perfectly coped with the white balance, even though the picture looks too smooth.