Comparison test results published for 182 pairs of headphones

Roskachestvo and the International Assembly of Consumer Testing Organizations (International Consumer Research and Testing ICRT)

tested 182 pairs of wired and wireless headphones.

Experts assessed the sound quality in headphones,the quality of its transmission, the functionality of the headphones, the ease of use and durability. To assess the sound quality, we listened to seven music sets through the headphones: classical, jazz, pop, rock, electronic music, as well as speech and pink noise. Experts did not include professional (studio) headphones in the rating.

Among all headphones:and wireless, and wired, and full-size, and plug-in and overhead, and with bone conduction, Apple AirPods Pro became the leaders with an average score of 4.566. They are followed by Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose SoundSport (iOS). The entire rating can be studied at this link.