Competition from Wargaming: ask a question to the developers of World of Tanks and get 1,000 “gold”

In August 2020, Wargaming will celebrate the tenth anniversary of World of Tanks. In honor of such an event, the developers decided

answer fan questions and reward the most creative.

What should be done

In the comments under this news, you can askAny question to the developers of World of Tanks, from editing to the balance of tanks and ending with your favorite song The Offspring. Just be sure to include your nickname in "Tanks".

A few days after writing the newsMessages will be sent to Wargaming, where developers will select the 10 most interesting and answer them. In addition, the authors of three questions will receive 1,000 “gold” in the World of Tanks (for this we need your nickname).

As soon as the developers of World of Tanks answer the questions, Gagadget will release a separate piece of news.

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