Competitor to Partner: LG to supply Samsung with OLED TV panels

Among TV panel makers, there are two rival figures - Samsung and LG. However, now these

companies became partners.

What does it mean

According to media reports, Samsung has struck a deal with LG to supply OLED displays for the Samsung Display division. It turns out that Samsung will buy panels from its longtime competitor for the first time.

Now the parties need to discuss the remainingformalities, after which the transaction will be documented. According to unofficial data, Samsung plans to purchase at least 1 million panels from LG by the end of this year, and 4 million next year, which is already about half of LG's current production capacity.

Sources say the reason for the deal isin increasing prices for LCD panels. What will happen to QD-OLED is not yet clear. Recall that this is a new proprietary technology that combines organic light-emitting diodes with a quantum dot filter.

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