Compiled a list of the greatest gadgets of the decade

The American edition of Time published a list of the 10 most significant devices that had the greatest impact

for the last decade.

Within this list, the publication noted onlyone console, namely the Nintendo Switch, which, according to the authors, is one of the company's greatest contributions to the gaming industry. “Its smartphone-inspired portability, coupled with Nintendo's growing library of blockbusters, indie titles and classics, makes the Switch the culmination of Nintendo's idea of ​​what gaming should be,” – indicated in Time.

In addition, the list also included Xbox AdaptiveController, which is a controller designed specifically for people with disabilities. The authors note the particular importance of this device, since it gave the opportunity to plunge into the world of games for people “who had been ignored by the industry for a long time.”

The list also includes devices such asApple iPad tablet, released in 2012, Tesla Model S of the same year of production, miniature Raspberry Pi single-board computer in 2012, Google Chromecast 2013 digital media player. The publication also drew attention to the quadcopter DJI Phantom (2013), Amazon Echo (2014), smart watches Apple Watch (2015), as well as wireless headphones Apple AirPods (2016).