Concept: frameless iPhone 8 with curved screen and dark mode

After a concept video on the Polish blog My Apple, suggesting a possible kind of full-system dark

mode in iOS 11, user interface designer Vianne Le Masn decided to combine some of the best assumptions about the design of the future iPhone 8 and its software filling.

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“The dark mode in iOS will essentially concentrate all the control of the phone, distributed across the screen space, under your thumbs,” said Le Masne.

Dark mode will mean much more than just inverting black and white pixels.

“Dark mode will significantly reduce the contrast betweencorners of the screen and the body. They, in essence, will be indistinguishable, because OLED displays, unlike liquid crystal analogs, do not highlight black pixels in any way, ”the designer wrote.

As a result, application designers will have tochange their approaches, because they will not work with a blank sheet in Sketch, which can be sequentially filled from top to bottom, but in the middle of a dark environment.

Estimated functional area at the bottom of the screenIt fits well with the ergonomics of a thumb-oriented design that seeks to focus the user's attention on the main actions, rather than distributing it in a rectangular window.

Another concept shows what a functional area might look like.

If Apple really decides to introduce the dark theme of the user interface in iOS 11, applications will need to be redesigned for dark mode so as not to stand out from the general background, the designer warned.

“The potential hidden in dark mode is muchmore than you might think, ”said Le Masne. If you want to create multiple iPhone 8 and iOS 11 layouts yourself, be sure to download the iOS 10 templates for Sketch and Photoshop.

Here are a few more concepts depicting possible details of the future iPhone 8 and pre-installed software:

This concept video includes all the layouts drawn by Vianna:

An OLED-based display has a number of advantages.

Because OLED technology highlights individualpixels and does not spend a lot of energy on backlighting, the new iPhone with a display of this type will have many advantages over traditional smartphones:

  • Increased screen resolution
  • Lower power consumption
  • Greater image clarity
  • Lightweight screen assembly
  • More accurate colors
  • Better visibility in sunlight.
  • Deep black
  • High color saturation
  • Wider viewing angle
  • Great maximum brightness

As we already wrote, some experts believe that Apple can use a flat screen instead of a curved screen to reduce the price and increase production.