Concept video of iPhone SE 2 with a notch on the screen and a glass case

iPhone SE can and
outdated, and in terms of power it doesn’t compare with the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, but its
still continue to love.

No wonder the smartphone sold out for a few
hours after he appeared in the Apple store "refurbished". Most likely, Apple will not release
iPhone SE 2 but no one
does not forbid us to dream.

There was a concept video of iPhone SE 2 with the same design, but glass
case for wireless charging.

On the screen
smartphone notch, as on the new models, and a thin frame. It is available in different
bright colors like the iPhone XR.

the probability of the release of the iPhone SE 2 is extremely small.

The mini iPhone has a lot
fans even years later, but Apple does not consider it necessary to release it
updated version. However, no one will stop you from watching such videos.
and hope for the best.