Conor McGregor parodies Steve Jobs and Apple presentation for Irish Whiskey

Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor is interested in more than just sports. If

you didn't know, he also has a Proper Twelve whiskey brand. The other day, Conor released a funny whiskey advertisement that is very reminiscent of Apple presentations.

What showed

In a new commercial for Irish Whiskey Properno. Twelve McGregor echoes the image of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), whose performances are still remembered by fans of the brand. Conor donned the famous black turtleneck and round-rimmed glasses.

McGregor began his "speech" with the words:"Ladies and gentlemen, every now and then a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything." He went on to talk about whiskey flavored with Irish apples. During the "presentation" there was cheering from the fake crowd clapping in the background.

The athlete supplemented the video on social networks with the phrase Drink Different (drink differently), which is a reference to the famous Apple slogan Think Different (think differently).