Content creators on Youtube merge with the requirement to change platform rules

A group of content makers has teamed up with Europe's largest trade union to get YouTube to be more

transparent and clear in its rules.

What does not like and where does the metallurgists

Until recently, the YouTubers Union team wassocial group with a small power, but now it is united with IG Metall - the German union of metallurgists. IG Metall is one of the oldest trade unions in Germany. During its existence, it has greatly expanded and now covers workers in industries such as electrical engineering, information technology, plastics and textiles.

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FairTube's joint initiative aims toto make the platform more transparent with regard to its rules and decisions, especially with regard to the monetization or demonetization of the video. Many users have come across inadequate sanctions on YouTube, it’s usually quite difficult to appeal against them, as the bot performs most of the moderation on the site, and the video may be incorrectly classified.

Supported by IG Metall YouTubers Unionintends to study the legality of YouTube’s policies in the European Union on 23 August. Initiative participants say they will begin legal due diligence if the site does not respond to their demands by August 23.