First assessments of Contra Rogue Corps: the last nail in the coffin of the series is hammered

Contra: Rogue Corps has already been released, and while gamers are just getting used to the new part of the series, journalists have had enough time to play

and share their impressions.

What is known

After 12 critic reviews, Contra's rating is:Rogue Corps on Metacritic stuck at 51 points... The highest score of 74 points was left by journalist Hobby Consolas for preserving the spirit of the series and the action, and the negative category included performance, camera and controls. At the same time, the author of CGMagazine gave the project 20 points, calling Contra: Rogue Corps “a very bad game” that is not worth taking even at a discount.

“Contra: Rogue Corps is a game that is so bad that I would not recommend anyone buy it at any price.” - CGMagazine, 20 points.


“Contra: Rogue Corps is one of the worst games in a respected franchise, and it does a poor job of reviving the show for a modern audience,” IGN, 40 points.

“This game will definitely upset you if you were a fan of the Contra series,” Gamersky, 60 points.

Ratings for Contra: Rogue Corps:

  • Hobby Consolas - 74
  • Hardcore Gamer - 70
  • Push Square - 50
  • IGN - 40
  • CGMagazine - 20