Contrary to Samsung: LG will still sell iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch in its stores

It seems that after leaving the smartphone market, LG still intends to sell gadgets in its stores.

former competitor - Apple.

What does it mean?

This became known in the middle of last month.After that, LG, although it had not yet started selling Apple technology, received only a headache. Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses complained about it, fearing competition, and the company also faced resistance from the National Association of Distributors.

In addition, she was offended by Samsung, which believesthat the move would violate an agreement signed by Samsung and LG in 2018. It states that only LG phones can be sold in LG stores, and similarly, only Samsung phones can be sold in Samsung stores. As a result, the manufacturer demanded to sell Galaxy products as well.

As a result, rumors emerged that LG had changed its mind.sell Apple gadgets. But a fresh report from Korea says the company will start selling in August. We are talking about 400 LG Best Shop in South Korea, the range of which will be replenished with iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch smartwatches. But Mac laptops will not be there - so as not to compete with LG devices.

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