Control's first scores: strong and independent frustration

Control will reach the shelves of virtual and real stores only on August 27, but journalists have already managed

play and evaluate the new Remedy project.

How to rate

After 19 reviews, rating games on Metacriticstopped at around 81 points (for PS4). TheSixthAxis journalist gave the project 90 points, writing down the main character, puzzles, environment, as well as the combat system. Of the minuses, the author noted only performance.

From We Got This Covered, the game received 40 points. The author called the game "the biggest disappointment of 2019", cursing the game for the plot, "battle", the environment and performance.

“Control is one of the best single-playergames in recent years. Its unique combination of surrealism, science fiction and secrets attracts, but it does not give out everything, and the battle is fantastically diverse and provides enough tasks, ”- TheSixthAxis, 90 points.

“It’s not often that a game invades my thoughts the way Control does. The time has come for me when I want to try everything that the game has to offer, ”wrote the author of GameSpot, 80 points.

“Thanks to poor design, the more, thebetter “, technical oversights, dumb research, boring storytelling and zero atmosphere, Control is a heartbreaking disappointment and just the shadow of Alan Wake,” - We Got This Covered, 40 points.

Control ratings:

  • TheSixthAxis - 90
  • - ​​87
  • GameSpot - 80
  • App Trigger - 80
  • We Got This Covered - 40

In Control, gamers will play for a girlJesse, who arrived at the Paranormal Office and accidentally became a director. Together with the post, the heroine received a service weapon, which will replace the girl with a shotgun and a gun. In addition, Jesse is armed with telekinetic abilities.