Cook lost, and Nadella took: the former head of Siri development left for Microsoft

Another company has lost a talented developer. This time the losses were suffered by Apple, which Bill left


Apple is losing talent

In 2012, Stasior led the teamSiri developers, and, according to The Information (via The Verge), worked in his position until May 2019. In early August, Bill crossed the threshold of Microsoft, where he took the position of corporate vice president of technology.

According to a company representative, Stasiorwill lead the artificial intelligence development team. At the same time, the voice assistant Cortana will develop without the participation of a new corporate vice president.

The reason for leaving is unknown, but according to TheInformation, personnel changes at Apple could have influenced the dismissal. Last year, John Giannandrea left Google to join the creators of the iPhone, joining the AI ​​development team. Giannandra was then promoted to the position of Senior Vice President of Machine Learning at Apple. Since then, he has been responsible for all artificial intelligence projects, including Siri.