CoolStar hid electratools on GitHub by removing Sileo support for unc0ver

Exactly a month ago, hacker Samg_is_a_Ninja released the installer of the tweak manager Sileo for the jailbreak unc0ver, and we even

wrote about how to use it. But it seems that now the installer will not work.

CoolStar hid the electratools page on GitHub, thereby stopping
the work of the Sileo installer for jailbreak unc0ver.

Now this page really does not work, and below you can see the proof:

Electra team actively promoted managerSileo tweaks as a replacement for Cydia, but apparently this applies only to users with the Electra jailbreak. The latest update to Electra contains Sileo along with Cydia by default, and in the future Cydia will disappear altogether.

Only the second beta of Sileo is currently available. The next version will add advertising to the BigBoss repository, which will allow it to earn revenue.

Pity that
different jailbreak community developers can't agree between themselves and
to work together. The essence of the community is openness, but for some reason this is forgotten.