Coolstar talks about Electra jailbreak update from Cydia for iOS 11

Coolstar, creator of the popular Electra jailbreak for iOS 11, has stopped posting on Twitter. He was upset that

one of the tweak developers without permission published an early version of the jailbreak with Cydia for iOS 11, which he provided for testing before the public release.

He also announced that the jailbreak for iOS 11 will be the last one he is working on. Users even began to worry that the developer would completely stop jailbreaking.

However coolstar did not stop doing hisin fact, he just stopped writing about it on Twitter. A few hours ago, he posted two tweets, and now updates have become available on the site. He is still planning to release Electra with Cydia for iOS 11.

The developer wrote the following about the Electra jailbreak with Cydia for iOS 11:

Initially, I planned to release update 20.02.2018, but the release had to be postponed due to bugs that arise for users who have installed version RC 1.2. Such bugs cannot always be fixed without recovery.

I can’t tell you a new date, because I don’t know when I will return to work on jailbreaking. So far I'm taking a break.

People who constantly complain do not help either. Because of them, the whole process is not fun, and it is because of him that I started working on the Electra jailbreak.

It was published on February 19th. Yesterday, the developer published another update to clarify all the ambiguities that began to arise among users. Some began to think that the Electra version with Cydia for iOS 11 would be DRM protected so that users with an unofficial version could not upgrade to the final version.

Users on the network are very fond of calling everything that they don't like as DRM protection.

I wanted to remove all the “DRM” conditions (as it is called on reddit) from the final version of Electra so that users with other tools could install Cydia with their help. But it doesn’t work like that.

But naturally, people on reddit know more than developers. And the one with 300 likes under the comment cannot be wrong, right?

Today I found a bug in Cydia, due to which the application may stop working at any time if you have a merged version of RC 1.2. If so, then good luck ...

The developer will still release the Electra version with Cydia for iOS 11 when it is ready. No need to write to him asking for the exact date. You need to be more tolerant and respect the developers.

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