Coosno: high technology even in a coffee table

Our apartments and houses are increasingly turning into technologically advanced spaces that are designed to satisfy everyone.

comfort requests.At the dawn of space exploration, the most advanced spaceships had less electronics and smart devices than the apartment of an average family today. Technologies are being introduced into everything, into refrigerators, televisions (God himself ordered), irons, smart speakers have appeared in homes, and so on. But with the coffee table everything was still clear. It's just a place for magazines and the occasional cup of coffee. How can these two concepts be combined? It turns out that in our century nothing is impossible.

More than a coffee table

Coosno can hardly be called a classic journaltable, because it is more like an alien spacecraft in terms of equipment. There is even a mini-fridge here, the table is controlled by voice commands, it also supports the usual natural speech of Google Home, that is, a person can calmly communicate with his table. And many other features that add comfort, as well as raise the eyebrows of an ordinary person to surprise. In its normal state, a smart table can act as a wireless charging station for smartphones and tablets. Of course, the table itself is connected to the electrical network, because there is a refrigerator, and a lot of sensors, microphones, and so on.

The joy of music lover

There is a powerful Coosno table set.stereo system equipped with six powerful speakers. Music lovers will definitely like the function, with the help of which you can stream your favorite songs from your smartphone wirelessly. Switching to a smart table is very simple, just choose Coosno in a special application. And that's not all, in the evening the table turns into the center of light music, the display built into the table consists of three hundred LEDs, and it can, under the music, arrange a light representation of 160 thousand colors.

Best for parties

And if you are during this music partystarted to feel thirsty, and here the table will come in handy, you just need to ask for his voice, and the stoic will open the treasured cave where real diamonds of any party are stored - drinks! At the same time, the opening of the refrigerator is a separate view: the tabletop comes to life and rises like a hatch by a spacecraft, giving access to the inside where the cooling chamber with drinks rotates. The capacity of the refrigerator is 68 standard cans, it is enough for a large company, it can also be stored in containers and snacks (snack).

When the drinks run out and the question arisesgoing to the store, at the table through Google Home, you can ask about the weather outside. Also, the table can be asked to manage appliances that are connected to the smart home system. If you are too lazy to speak, then you can manage everything through special applications, both on Android and iOS. The controls are simple and understandable - the refrigerator, music and other functions are heard by the teams, even remotely.


Coosno table is available in two versions withdifferent sizes, now you can pre-order it on Indiegogo. A large model will cost the buyer three hundred dollars, and a large table will cost $ 400. At the same time, retail price tags will be significantly higher: a small table of $ 800, a large one - 900. Physical deliveries will begin in February.

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