Copyright protection of Russian companies on the Internet can be transferred to the blockchain.

It is proposed to create RCCA to implement the decree of President Vladimir Putin within the framework of the national project “Digital

economics", published by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications inearly May. The platform will register and protect the digital rights of Russian companies. It can make money on the basis of the already existing IPChain, Andrei Krichevsky, general director of the Russian Union of Copyright Holders (URU), told the publication.

The platform’s partners are already Soyuzmultfilm, the Skolkovo Foundation, the Association of Internet Publishers (AII) and other companies, he said.

With the help of a platform whose operator will beRZIS, rightholders and any users can see the status of intellectual property - who is the copyright holder, whether the value is assessed, whether there are legal disputes, what is the history of transactions and so on.

Andrey Krichevsky, General Director of RSP

The project is opposed by Rospatent - the ministry has already sent a letter to the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Economics stating that the RCSP will duplicate the functions of already existing government bodies.

Previously scientists from the University of Cambridgedeveloped a new system of virtual means - "S-money", working on the principles of quantum physics. This can be a substitute for cryptocurrency in the field of security of payments and their speed.