Coronavirus COVID-19 stopped shooting Matrix 4, The Witcher from Netflix and Uncharted, and attacked the actors

Coronavirus aka. COVID-19 continues to harm the entertainment industry. Game show organizers have already canceled

events, and now film makers are curtailing the production of films and TV shows.

What is known

According to Dedline, Netflix has announced thatfreezes the shooting of the second season of The Witcher. The series was shot at Arborfield Studios, England, but for two weeks the team, along with the actors, was sent home. In addition, Netflix decided to stop the production of TV shows within Canada and the United States.

However, Christopher Hewue, who playsNivelena in the second season of "The Witcher", said he had contracted the coronavirus. The actor passed a specialized test in the clinic and reported the results on Instagram. The virus also got Tom Hanks, who is now under the supervision of doctors with his wife.

Sony also decided not to risk the actors andthe film crew stopping the production of the film by Uncharted. It seems that a curse looms over the picture. According to Variety, production was stopped for six weeks, which will affect the date of the premiere, which was scheduled for March 5, 2021.

Deadline also said that shooting "Matrix 4" inBerlin had to stop. Warner bros already managed to shoot part of the film in San Francisco, but decided not to risk it and stop the process. The publication notes that none of the team members was infected with COVID-19.

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