"CosmoCourse" will build Russia's first private spaceport to launch tourist ships

Now the company is negotiating with the authorities of Alkeevsky district of Tatarstan and Ardatovsky district

Nizhny Novgorod region, however, according to the publication, most likely the spaceport will appear in the latter version. Now negotiations on the allocation of land are in the final stage.

The company "CosmoCourse" plans by 2025launch into space the first tourist ship with seven customers on board. The flight, which costs about $ 250 thousand per person, will last about 15 minutes. Of these, tourists will be in zero gravity for more than five minutes.

CosmoCourse has been testing its own liquid rocket engine since the end of 2018. Earlier, Roskosmos issued a "CosmoCourse" license to build its own rocket.

The first space tourists will be able to climborbit not only on the spacecraft, but also on the balloon. Such plans are hatching American World View and Chinese KuangChi Science, which is building a theme park, one of the attractions of which involves a suborbital flight. In parallel, China is developing a tourist spaceship with a capacity of 20 people.

Previously, the leadership of the Russian space companyS7-Space said it will create a reusable booster "faster than in five years." At the same time, SpaceX Ilona Mask took a decade to develop a launch vehicle.