"CosmoCourse" will start testing the ship for private space tourism in 2025

The CosmoCourse company plans, after 2025, to launch into space the first tourist ship with seven

customers on board. The flight, which costs about $ 250 thousand per person, will last about 15 minutes. Of these, tourists will be in zero gravity for more than 5 minutes.

To start commercial flights, the company needs to conduct at least 30 test flights.

In 2023 there will be autonomous flights of capsules <...> together with a rocket somewhere in 2024: the rocket should begin autonomous tests in 2024, and at the end of 2024-2025, complex ones should begin.

CEO of "CosmoCourse" Pavel Pushkin

In early May, CosmoCourse began the first tests of parts for a rocket. Now the company is testing the strength of the fire wall samples of the engine.


Earlier, "CosmoCourse" agreed with the governmentNizhny Novgorod on the construction of its own space center and a large entertainment complex. Experts estimate the cost of building the first private cosmodrome in the CIS at $ 60 million.