Insane record in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: the player won the match in three seconds

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is breaking sales records, gamers are surprising with their achievements in the game.

What is known

A Reddit user with the nickname Burford250 posted a video of probably the easiest victory in the history of the project. In three seconds, the guy destroyed a team of six people, without using cheats.

It happened on the Piccadilly map in the "Find" mode.and destroy.” As soon as the match began, the player fired his M4A1's underbarrel grenade launcher and eliminated six opponents at once. Judging by the video, the shell hit the car, which “successfully” exploded, taking the entire team with it.

Either on pain of being banned for using cheats, or for the sake of bragging, the guy posted a video of the match on Reddit, so you can evaluate the “trick” yourself:

[COD] 6 Man from r / modernwarfare

Victory in three seconds, although it looksimpressive, but in the comments under the video, gamers pointed out the designers’ mistakes. One of the players noted that some maps are not built correctly, and you can catch a bullet simply by leaving the spawn point.

At the same time, players are complaining about the 725 shotgun,which even at long distances kills with one shot. Gamers even nicknamed the weapon a “sniper shotgun.” The developers have already made changes to the balance, but judging by the latest videos, the weapon is still too powerful.

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