Created a "breathable" battery based on the reaction of iron and air

Massachusetts start-up Form Energy has created an iron-based battery that can run for 150 hours. Battery

picks up oxygen when discharged and gives off when charged.

The work is based on a chemical reaction in whichiron turns to rust and is restored. Batteries use a redox reaction using iron, when in the presence of oxygen, iron turns into rust or oxidizes and releases energy during a chemical reaction, and during reduction releases oxygen and reduces iron from oxide, thereby accumulating energy.

Such a battery is charged within a few days, but gives energy from 100 to 150 hours.

As startup executives point out, onethe battery pack will combine 20 cells. The cost per 1 kWh will be $ 6 for each cell and no more than $ 20 per 1 kWh for an assembled unit. This is 4 to 10 times cheaper than lithium batteries.

The new battery will be relevant for stationary energy storage systems, and will also help the introduction of renewable energy.

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