Created a low-cost toaster-sized ventilator

In India, an inexpensive ventilator (ventilator) the size of a toaster has been created. Demand for such

The device is now growing due to the pandemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

A new ventilator costs about $ 2,000, which is much cheaper than a traditional device. The cost of the latter can reach $ 10,000.

A newly created device called AgVaweighs about 3.5 kilograms. with its help it will be possible to transport patients who are not in critical condition home. Ventilators are easy to transport, install, and they also require little energy.

AgVa intends to start producing devices in the near future Maruti Suzuki. It is India's largest passenger car manufacturer.

Recall, recently, scientists have discovered a way to reduce lung ventilation time in critically ill patients. The introduction of vitamin C helped.