Created the first green steel without fossil fuels or raw materials

The Swedish company SSAB was the first in the world to create and organize the supply of "green steel" in the production of

which does not need fossil raw materials. Steel was made from green hydrogen instead of coal and coke.

During the hybridization process, the company used hydrogen as a reducing agent and replaced the traditional blast furnace with an electric arc one.

The company is wary of the term“Green” as there is no official definition or standards to fit the production. Therefore, the new steel is labeled as being made without the use of fossil fuels or fossil raw materials. There are no CO2 emissions from the production of such steel.

The resulting metal is of exactly the same qualitylike regular steel, but the price is higher. The consignment of metal was delivered to Volvo: it is planned to be used for the production of electric vehicles. The terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, so the cost of the new species has become unknown.

SSAB said it plans to begin large-scale production of its steel in 2026, and by 2045 to completely eliminate fossil fuels from its production cycle.

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