Critics accused of overstating tolerant games

Blogger Seymus Young found that in recent years, the gap between the ratings of games from critics and from the players themselves

increased. Gamers rate new projects an average of 11 points lower. Based on these data, journalists accused critics of overstating tolerant games.

The UNZ portal, which hascontroversial reputation for promoting white nationalism. Its authors have come to the conclusion that critics often overestimate games for the sake of tolerance. As examples, journalists cite Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, which critics valued at 86 points, and players at 67, and Far Cry 5 (78 versus 61). The authors of the resource claim that racist views, backwardness and religiosity are criticized in games. But the gameplay is unremarkable.

In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (83 vs. 67), for example, allegedly noticeable references to the Black Lives Matter movement in defense of African Americans. In this case, the game has microtransactions. In Fallout 4 (84 vs. 55), there were hints of the slave transportation system before the US Civil War, but the gameplay in it looked faded.