Critics and players did not appreciate the first game Jumpship Somerville, developed by the co-founder of Playdead

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November 15 saw the release of Somerville, the first Jumpship game created by Playdead co-founder Dino

Patti (Dino Patti).Dino is known for being responsible for creating some of the best indie games: Limbo and Inside. His third project was supposed to be at least at the level of the previous two, but if you read the feedback from the players on Steam, you can understand that not everything is as successful as we would like.

What else is known

First of all, the game is scolded for optimization.For example, blogger Andy Cortez (Andy Cortez) wrote that he was not able to play with a stable 60 fps on the RTX 3080 Ti graphics card. Steam writes that it seems like the game was released hastily. Players constantly run into bugs, optimization issues, and hitboxes that are too small.

The minus of the game was called the story and characters.The characters here don't feel unique, and the protagonist doesn't act believable. The story doesn't develop properly and barely makes you stay in the game.

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As for puzzles, most of themare not complex and are often repeated. There is simply no variety. Some riddles seemed similar to Limbo and Inside. Therefore, in this aspect, something new did not happen.

As for the reviews from critics, the game received 72 points out of 100 on Opencritic. Journalists note that this is an ordinary game that cannot give something new.

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It's a shame to look at all this, because Limbo and Insidewere great games, especially the last one. We even listed it as one of the 10 indie games to play. I wanted to believe that Somerville would at least hold this bar. However, the miracle did not happen. The only way for Jumpship is to analyze the mistakes and make the next game with all the problems that Somerville has.

Somerville is currently available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and part of the Game Pass collection.

For those who are not in the know

Along with the release of Somerville, Swedish holding company Thunderful Games announced the acquisition of Jumpship. This deal is an important part of the strategy to build strong internal IP.

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