Critics about the film “Doom Annihilation”: funny trash and pride of Bethesda

The film “Doom Annihilation,” which Bethesda disowned on the day of its announcement, will be released on October 1 on DVD and Blu-Ray. Yes,

it will not be shown in cinemas. According to the classics, journalists from specialized publications have already been shown the picture and the first assessments are not surprising.


What they say

The author of the Forbes review called "Doom Annihilation"excellent for a cheap film that turned out even better than the previous film adaptation. The journalist liked the action, the design of the monsters and even the main character played by Amy Manson. At the same time, the film remains at the level of cheap films intended only for home viewing.

“Bethesda should have disowned the film in vain, because this is probably the best adaptation of the Doom universe,” concluded the Forbes author.

Blu-Ray was less forgiving, calling the film a "terribly boring action movie." The author of the review listed the characters, the environment, the acting, the script as cons, summing it up with the phrase “skip it.” The journalist recommended even for fans not to touch the film, but instead to replay Doom (2016) or wait for Doom Eternal.